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Eddicons - Eddie Izzard Icons

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CAKE OR DEATH Mug on sale off ebay. One day left! [15 Feb 2012|02:28pm]

Ello all! If this post isn't allowed, I apologize and feel free to delete.

~~Auction ends on THURSDAY! 2-15. ONE DAY LEFT~~
I am auctioning my Cake or Death mug that I purchased at Eddie Izzard's Stripped show years ago. The mug has never been used and has been collecting dust for some time so I decided to pass it on to the highest bidder.


Auction ends on Thursday. Thanks for your time :)
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20 Eddie Icons [11 Sep 2011|08:11pm]

[ mood | tired ]

20 F1 Drivers
20 Eddie Izzard (Glorious and Circle)

here @ definitions
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Repost... Kinda. 33 Eddicons [09 Jun 2011|07:58pm]

I posted these here a looooong time ago, but I've rearranged my photobucket account, breaking all the links, so I'm just gonna go ahead and post them again for you guys. Enjoy!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Follow the fake cut over to katatoniagrafix for the rest... And feel free to add me there... There's more in the works! /shameless plug
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[14 Jun 2010|10:17am]

18 quote icons, over here.

. .
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A few icons... [12 Jun 2010|02:17am]

- Supernatural [001 - 085]
- Sherlock Holmes (& Holmes/Watson) [086 - 090]
- Robert Downey Jr (& RDJude) [091 - 107]
- A Very Potter Musical [108 - 113]
- Chuck [114 - 129]

- Eddie Izzard [130 - 137]
- Matthew Gray Gubler & Dr. Spencer Reid [138 - 143]
- Evangeline Lilly [141 - 149]

5 more HERE at my journal. 
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[08 Mar 2010|08:27pm]


I was rewatching some of his shows a few days ago and the next thing I knew, I was making icons. :P

They're, um, kinda all the same because I didn't have much time, but I hope you enjoy anyway. And OKAY, yes, #43 was just thrown in because otherwise it wouldn't be a nice even number. ;)

[01 - 10] Definite Article (1996)
[11 - 43] Live at Wembley (2009)
[44 - 80] Stripped Too (2009)



80 eddie icons here )
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Eddie in Oakland, CA on Jan 23 [23 Jan 2010|12:07am]

[ mood | excited ]

Please delete if this is not allowed but Eddie Izzard tix for tomorrow night still available! Oakland CA - Oracle Arena - http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/1C004321140A6F9F

Come on guys, you know you want to go and I'd love to see his gig sell out!

I'm so happy I got way better seats than I had for Stripped (v1) in San Francisco. Hopefully see you there!

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[03 Jan 2010|02:17am]

Just three icons, so I won't bother linking back to the original post. Hopefully I'll get around to doing more next time!

. .
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eddie izzard mega icon post! [31 Dec 2009|06:46pm]


eddie izzard quotes (various shows) - [x26]
eddie izzard (day of the triffids) - [x33]
eddie izzard quotes (stripped tour) - [x40]

so badgers CAN be choosers.
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30 Quote Icons (Inspired by Dress to Kill) [29 Jan 2009|05:52pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

004 018 024

Running, jumping, climbing trees...Collapse )
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Funny Fandom Icons community [08 Jul 2008|01:04pm]

funny_fan_icons is for fandom-related icons. That means they can riff on books, movies, TV shows, bands, comics, webcomics, manga, anime, games, celebrities, sports teams -- anything people are fannish about. Humor is subjective, of course, but you're not going to get pelted with rotten tomatoes if your icons don't split sides! Please feel free to promote your own creations or to recommend the work of others. Thanks!
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Animated Icons [07 Jul 2008|01:25am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've got some animated Eddie Icons for you guys!
Hope you like them. Enjoy and leave a comment if you're taking any! ^_^


18 Buck Tick / 21 Gackt / 14 Miyavi / 6 Ka-yu / 6 Eddie Izzard

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[04 Jul 2008|10:56pm]

Happy 4th everyone! I come bearing 36 icons, all of them Stripped related somehow... special thanks to diamonddustshoe for letting me use her pics :-D


The rest of the icons are here @ jammiedodgers.
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We offer you our lives. Unreservedly. [03 Jul 2008|10:18am]

Was inspired after Prince Caspian to make a batch of icons featuring the noble mouse.


Take, credit, comment, whatever.
(edited for terrible French)
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New Eddie community on LJ. [13 Jun 2008|06:34pm]

I think this is permitted.  Please delete if not. 
I'm a co-mod with glorified_moron of izzard_gigs an LJ community we made specifically for Stripped gigs, generally for any past Eddie gig.  "There are two main purposes to this community. The big one is Stripped gig experiences and other general info to help make the most of the gigs. The other is info and experiences about the cities hosting the gigs, to help make the most of your trip."   We're going in July and found no communities to search for info.  Anyone is welcome to post, members or not.  Rules are on the profile.  Check us out.
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The Long Forgotten Saint. [05 Jun 2008|01:46pm]

[ mood | silly ]

I saw a request for an icon of this.... so I made one.

Please give credit if you use it.


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Tickets. [26 May 2008|08:51pm]

Off topic, but -

I have two tickets for the Austin show at the Paramount Theatre on June 7th. The seats are in the balcony - section LC - row N - seats 11 and 12. We paid $51.50+ for each ticket, but are only asking for $50 each.

If you are interested, please let me know. I wish that we could go, but there has been a change of plans. :(
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Introduction and Icon Request [23 May 2008|09:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have just (about two hours ago) discovered the magic (brilliance) of Eddie Izzard. So I joined up, and I figured I would introduce myself by asking for something! (Because that's the American way.)


Okay, don't worry, I have a steady day job. I'll leave the comedy to him.

I was wondering if someone could possibly make me a few icons from his bit on The X-Files from Glorious? I'm a huge XF fan, and would be SO grateful. 

My personal favorite parts are:

“Look, Mulder, I don’t believe that Martians with big elbows are taking over the world.”

And by the end of the episode, there’s Martians with big elbows everywhere! And she’s swatting them off with a tennis racket, “I believe you!"

Thank you all!

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Eddie Izzard Quotes [12 May 2008|09:44pm]

14 The Beatles Icons
2 The Beatles Banners
13 Eddie Izzard Quotes


the rest here @ old_fairytales!
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Eddie Izzard: 8 Dress to Kill icons & 1 Banner [13 Apr 2008|06:13pm]

~ Comment.
~ Credit ainabarad or ainabarad_icons.
~ Do not altar.
~ ENJOY!!! :)

01) 02) 03)

The rest are here @ ainabarad_icons. :)
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