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CAKE OR DEATH Mug on sale off ebay. One day left!

Ello all! If this post isn't allowed, I apologize and feel free to delete.

~~Auction ends on THURSDAY! 2-15. ONE DAY LEFT~~
I am auctioning my Cake or Death mug that I purchased at Eddie Izzard's Stripped show years ago. The mug has never been used and has been collecting dust for some time so I decided to pass it on to the highest bidder.


Auction ends on Thursday. Thanks for your time :)
Izzard - in my mind blå

A few icons...

- Supernatural [001 - 085]
- Sherlock Holmes (& Holmes/Watson) [086 - 090]
- Robert Downey Jr (& RDJude) [091 - 107]
- A Very Potter Musical [108 - 113]
- Chuck [114 - 129]

- Eddie Izzard [130 - 137]
- Matthew Gray Gubler & Dr. Spencer Reid [138 - 143]
- Evangeline Lilly [141 - 149]

5 more HERE at my journal. 
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I was rewatching some of his shows a few days ago and the next thing I knew, I was making icons. :P

They're, um, kinda all the same because I didn't have much time, but I hope you enjoy anyway. And OKAY, yes, #43 was just thrown in because otherwise it wouldn't be a nice even number. ;)

[01 - 10] Definite Article (1996)
[11 - 43] Live at Wembley (2009)
[44 - 80] Stripped Too (2009)



80 eddie icons here )
BtVS- Giles you wrote that about me

Eddie in Oakland, CA on Jan 23

Please delete if this is not allowed but Eddie Izzard tix for tomorrow night still available! Oakland CA - Oracle Arena - http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/1C004321140A6F9F

Come on guys, you know you want to go and I'd love to see his gig sell out!

I'm so happy I got way better seats than I had for Stripped (v1) in San Francisco. Hopefully see you there!
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